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Elastoseal® HD is a tough elastomeric tanking membrane. It consists of heavy duty, waterborne modified neoprene that may be reinforced with a non-woven polyester fabric. Elastoseal® HD is a composite seamless membrane designed for waterproofing areas subject to ponding and immersion. VOC Content of Elastoseal® HD is below the maximum VOC Content for Architectural and Interior Sealants as required by Green Star Office Design V2, V3, Office Interiors V1.1, and APAS D181.

Features & Benefits

1300% elongation to allow structural movements

Excellent adhesion to substrates

Good chemical resistance

Easy to repair

Reinforce for mechanical strength & puncture resistance

Water run-off is non-toxic

Remains permanently elastic

Does not contain isocyanates

24 hour cure


Basement car parks

Plaza areas

Retaining walls

Landscaped decks

Planter boxes

Grey water & sewerage tanks

Roof areas subject to regular ponding

ACS Bitumen Waterproofing 15L

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